Thermal (Self Heating) Cushions for Pets
Pad works without wires or batteries.  Can serve as a cat bed
Great for kittens, aging cats, arthritic cats, or any cat

Thermal Pet Cushion is the perfect item to make your pet feel totally pampered. This self-warming cushion utilizes a space-age material with a reflective surface that reflects the pet's own body heat back to the animal.  The reflective thermal qualities of this pet bed make it soothing for kittens or puppies, aging adult cats or dogs, nurturing females as well as pets recovering from illness, injury or bone and joint disease. The cushion is completely machine washable.
**Also work GREAT in bed with people to keep you warmer during the winter months!!!!!
16"x20"  $9.99 Each
Pink Paws

Purple Paws     

White Paws

Brown Paws