About Us

Welcome to Setareh Creations, where passion meets innovation in crafting comfort and wellness products for your beloved pets. Our journey began with a simple yet ingenious idea sparked by my husband, who not only conceptualized but also crafted our very first creation. As someone who has long relied on homemade rice bags for soothing muscle aches and cramps, I found that our furry friends were equally drawn to snuggling up with something warm and comforting.

Inspired by our cats' affinity for warmth and relaxation, my husband ingeniously designed a flat mat infused with catnip, which we fondly call Cat Kozys. To our delight, these Kozys became an instant hit, providing endless joy and comfort to our feline companions and even becoming a staple in post-operative care and nurturing sick or ailing pets.

Our passion for creating comfort extends beyond our own pets; I often use our creations to care for bottle-fed baby kittens rescued from local animal shelters, where they've become indispensable in providing warmth and security during their crucial stages of development. Our office kitties, led by the indomitable Alvin and Tabatha, can attest to the irresistible allure of our Kozys, often engaging in playful skirmishes over coveted spots.

Each creation is meticulously handmade by me, Heather, with the assistance of our dedicated quality control team: Munchie, DeeJay, Mini Dee, and our beloved Chihuahua, Zoey. Together, we ensure that every product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of comfort and durability, passing the ultimate test of providing unparalleled coziness and relaxation.

In addition to our signature comfort products, Setareh Creations has expanded its offerings to include digital products and website design services. With over a decade of experience in website design, coupled with our newfound passion for digital creations, we're dedicated to helping businesses and individuals alike establish their online presence with elegance and efficiency.

Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate, inspire, and spread comfort to pets and their owners alike. At Setareh Creations, we believe that every pet deserves to live a life filled with warmth, comfort, and unconditional love.


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