We offer two types of Puppy Manuals
1- Is a General Puppy Manual with over 75  Pages of Content for $35.00
(general puppy pictures, general content, my creations website on the bottom of each page)
Link to order is on bottom of page
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Calling all breeders! Elevate your breeding program with our General Puppy Owners Manual, an essential resource designed to enhance the experience for your puppy parents. Packed with expertly curated content and adorable puppy pictures, our manual is a must-have addition to any breeder's toolkit.
Here's what you can expect from our General Puppy Owners Manual:
Comprehensive Guidance Our manual covers a wide range of topics essential for new puppy parents, including care instructions, training tips, health guidelines, and more. With detailed insights and practical advice, it serves as a valuable resource for your puppy parents from day one.
Professional Design: Featuring captivating puppy pictures and clear, concise content, our manual is beautifully designed to engage and inform your puppy parents. 
Versatile Use: Whether you specialize in a specific breed or cater to multiple breeds, our manual is suitable for all puppy owners. Its general content ensures broad applicability, making it a versatile and valuable asset for your breeding program.
Trusted Resource: Backed by years of experience in the pet industry, our manual has earned a reputation as a trusted resource for puppy owners worldwide. By providing your puppy parents with this invaluable guide, you'll instill confidence and trust in your breeding program.
Customization Options: While our General Puppy Owners Manual comes ready-to-use with general content, we also offer customization options to align with your breeding program's branding and messaging. Add your logo, contact information, or personalized message to make it uniquely yours.  (See below for customization options)

Invest in the success of your breeding program with our General Puppy Owners Manual. Empower your puppy parents with the knowledge and resources they need to raise happy, healthy puppies, while showcasing the professionalism and dedication of your breeding program.

Contact us today to learn more about our General Puppy Owners Manual and how it can benefit your breeding program. Together, let's raise the standard for puppy care and support in the industry

2- Is a Branded Puppy Manual with over 80 Pages of Content for $150.00
(this will have pictures of your breed, your name/breed throughout
 website on the bottom of each page, your social media on the last page,
 it will also give you access to the Canva template for future tweaks/updates)
Link to order is on bottom of page:
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At our core, we specialize in crafting bespoke puppy owner manuals tailored to various breeding programs. Recognizing the pivotal role of comprehensive resources for both breeders and puppy parents, our team is committed to delivering informative guides that cater to your specific needs.

Expect the following when you engage our services:

Personalized Design: Collaborating closely with you, we ensure the manual reflects your brand identity and content preferences. Our team crafts visually captivating, professionally designed manuals that seamlessly align with your breeding program's ethos.
Thorough Content: Our manuals cover all essential information crucial for new puppy parents, from care instructions and health guidelines to training tips and ongoing support resources. Rest assured, our content is meticulously researched and regularly updated. Currently, our mannual spans over 80 pages!
Customization Flexibility: We offer a plethora of customization options to infuse your manual with uniqueness. From selecting color schemes and fonts to integrating your logo and breeder details, every element is tailored to mirror your breeding program effortlessly.
Transparent Communication: Throughout the design process, we maintain open channels of communication, ensuring your vision translates seamlessly into the final product. Your feedback and revisions are welcomed to ensure utmost satisfaction.
Prompt Delivery: Recognizing the urgency, we prioritize timely delivery of your customized manual. This enables you to furnish puppy parents with essential resources promptly.

We are fervent advocates of supporting breeders in crafting exceptional experiences for their puppy parents. Our meticulously crafted, custom-designed manuals serve as invaluable resources, enhancing your breeding program's standing while instilling confidence in new puppy owners.

Reach out today to explore how we can tailor a beautiful, informative handbook that mirrors your breeding program's professionalism and commitment to responsible dog ownership

Booklet Style Book
8 Pages of Content (all content is in the Puppy Manual above)
Custom Branded with your logo & information


Elevate the experience for your puppy parents with our Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming the Perfect Puppy Parent booklet. This comprehensive 8-page resource is packed with invaluable insights and practical tips on essential topics such as house training, managing jumping behavior, and more. What sets our booklet apart is its customization options, allowing breeders to personalize the content with their information, logo, and branding. By offering this tailored resource to your puppy parents, you'll not only provide them with essential guidance for raising their new furry family member but also showcase the professionalism and dedication of your breeding program. Get started today and empower your puppy parents to embark on their journey to becoming the perfect puppy parent

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Step by Step Guide $20.00

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